William Cardini

Feb 01

Check it out, I’ve added these four prints to my online store to try and raise money to get to my table at the 2013 Toronto Comics Art Festival.

The prints are $10 each, plus shipping. They’re digitally printed and range between 12x16” and 13x19”. The red/blue anaglyph 3d poster comes with 3d classes. Payment through PayPal.


Reblog this post anytime between now and Friday, February 8th at midnight central US time, and you could be randomly selected to win a 6x9” ink drawing of the Miizzzard on smooth watercolor paper!

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    Final day of this reblog contest! I’ll announce the winner next week. You can see an in-progress shot of the winner’s...
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    Give this dude a hand.
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    My friend and collaborator William Cardini is an alt-fantasy cartoonist of some regard, and he’s giving some gorgeous...
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